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         "So I heard there's some swamp bears in the northern regions causing problems in Grayhawke again."
         Eral looked at her partner and frowned. He was too busy eating a bowl of stew, concentrating on a rather large piece of potato.
         "Qinn, would you pay attention for one damn minute?" she growled, slamming her hand on the table. The impact shook the wood, making the plates at the other end clatter slightly. The woman got a few annoyed looks from the other patrons, but ignored them.
         "What? What do you want, woman? I've already pleasured you enough for one day. Give me a break!" Qinn said, trying to not laugh.
         Eral blushed bright red, raising a hand to slap him, but thought better of it. She knew how easily angered she was and decided to push her buttons whenever he got the chance. When the pair receieved a few interested looks, she put up her hands in defense.
         "He's not...I'm, we're not..."
         "Don't fight it, Eral. No one will believe you."
         Eral growled angrily and stormed out of the tavern, leaving her bow behind. When she realized she'd left it, she stormed back in, grabbed it, and stormed back out, all the while avoiding amused looks from other customers. She sat down on a log, waiting for her partner, though not enjoying the time alone at all.
         When Qinn was finally done, he stood up and fished out five coppers to leave for the meal and made his way outside. He saw the angry Eral sitting cross-armed on the log, her face still red with anger.
         "Oh come on, Eral, it's just a joke."
         "Your jokes are far from funny!" she spat, not looking at him.
         "Well, I'm sorry, then," he said. "Now about those swamp bears."
         She looked at him, still angry. He gave her a hopeful grin, holding his hands out in offering.
         "Only because we need the money," Eral said, standing up reluctantly.
         He put an arm around her shoulder. "Come, friend! We will vaquish the enemy!"
         "You're an idiot," she said, rolling her eyes as they walked.
         "But I'm your favorite idiot, right?"
         She couldn't help but grin a little. The two friends had been taking on jobs for a good few years already: taking care of pests in the form of rampaging beasts or simple annoyances, or even helping with odd jobs here and there. While it wasn't the best life, it was a fun life. They could travel wherever they wanted and see whatever they wanted.
         But they were only friends, no matter how many passes Qinn made at her. She always rejected the idea, thinking of him more as an older brother.
         "One of these days, Eral," Qinn always insisted.
         "None of these days," she would always reply.
         In the end, though, they made a great team, and had each other's backs in any situation. Just like now, when they signed up to hunt down the swamp bears in the place Qinn hated to go - the Southern Swamp.
         "Let's get this done fast and get out of there," Qinn said with a grimace, accepting the scroll with the job details from the dispatch.
         "Whatever you say, 'milord,'" Eral replied with a grin.
Qinn and Eral
My friend wanted a story about himself, so here is one sort of about himself and me. :P
Feathers flying, the crowd awaits.
Come and see before it's too late.
Magic and mystery, here and o'er there.
Where are the feathers? They're everywhere!
Confetti dropped by parrots away in the sky.
Come celebrate here on festival night.
Do you see that we are happy tonight?
We shall have a party to chase away fright.
Tomorrow is new and we will be gone,
so come and join us while we have a song.
Birds at a party
More trying to write stuff. Hopefully I can get back into a swing with this.
Distance shows how far we've come,
Closeness brings us all back home.
Around the corner, around the street,
Who knows where we will next meet.
Perhaps tomorrow, perhaps that soon,
perhaps at lunch when the clock strikes noon.
When without you I am sad,
Around you come to make me glad.
Simple things and simple smiles,
beneath which hides love all the while.
Come and sit right by my side
so we can wait for the sun to arrive.
Rain has fallen on my face,
but it clears up and leaves no trace
of doubt that I had before this.
Never leave for you I'll miss.
When we meet
Just trying to write again. Here is a thing.
         You know that feeling you get when you are just about to sleep and you feel like you were falling? Usually you just wake up and you're in your bed safe and sound. At least that's what I thought. But when I opened my eyes, expecting to see the color-changing bulb in the plug that I leave on so I don't trip on something in the middle of the night, I saw red. Red walls, red cieling, and a red floor rushing up to me. I tried to slow down, scraping my flip flops against the wall, but they melted on contact, sending a plume of stinking rubber up over my head. I was afraid to do anything else, so I just fell...and fell.
         I fell until the ground caught up with me and I landed with a crash. The rocks around me crumbled as if an anvil had been dropped rather than a 19-year-old girl. The ground was hot as if it was on top of a magma vent. I hissed, hoping I hadn't gotten burned, wishing fervently I had worn something more substantial than pieces of foam rubber with string. I could hear them sizzling on the copper rocks that seemed to radiate their own heat.
         Climbing out of the crater I had made, I inspected myself for injuries. I had none, which was surprising, seeing as the impact I'd made was quite large. My hands burned against the stones as I pulled myself up. A blast of heat hit me immediately and I almost fell backwards. I hated heat. I could feel myself sweating already.
         I strange gurgling roar made me jump. It echoed off the cave walls, making rocks shudder and a few fell from above. I turned toward the source of the sound and nearly fell backwards. A large, fiercly glowing, demon sat on a throne that seemed to be on fire. But it wasn't just a demon sitting there. No, that would have been somewhat easier to handle. This demon's eyes glowed white hot and it seemed to be crying thick white tears made of something that looked like pudding. I realized it was foam, but as I watched, it seemed to turn thicker and redder. It fell to the floor with a loud splot!.
         "What is this place..." I breathed, ignoring the burning against my t-shirt. I jumped forward, feeling the scorched pieces fall off my back. "Is this...."
         The roar echoed through the cave again, but this time followed by a loud wail. I saw the demon lift up something that seemed to be wriggling. Was it a person? It shouted something I couldn't hear as the demon, still crying it's red pudding tears, bit off its head and threw the body to the ground, blood pouring from the carcass. I gagged, trying to not loose what little I had in my stomach from dinner.
         The carcass rolled into a place I couldn't see, pushed by strange red creatures. I heard something about "reviving in an hour," and a chill ran down my spine.
         "This is...the ninth circle," I gasped, trying to look away from the sight before, but somehow unable to. "This is the ninth circle of Hell."

         The realization washed over me as I stood up and another blast of heat hit me. How did I even end up here? I couldn't breathe, but I knew sitting there wasn't going to solve anything. I looked around, trying to calm down, but there was nothing but the angry demon creature across the other side of the cavern. There had to be something that could help me get out of here.
         But the ninth circle...this was for the worst of the worst. I watched at the demon bit off the head of another person, wondering what traitor that might be, but trying not to think about it. Blood always scared me, so I had to put a hand over my eyes as I made my way past it. The strange moaning roar echoed again off the walls and I cringed, hoping I wouldn't have to deal with it again.
         There had to be someone here. There were still treacherous people in the world, though I didn't know how much I could actually ask them if they really were as treacherous as I had read. But I had no other options, so I had to look around at least.
         Ignoring the burning smell my sandals were giving off, I peered around the cave, hoping to find something before I lost my shoes completely.
Ninth Circle 1
I've been playing around with this idea for a long time, but I was never sure how to start it. For some reason, Dante's Inferno and Revelations really interest me. I wanted to bring the ideas into a more modern setting, starting with the first one, so this is the start. Beware, it's going to be very gruesome, and it may not be as accurate as some of your sticklers may like, but here it is and it's mine! Ninth Circle commence!
If the whole world was a clock,
and everyone was a part to make it tock,
and everyone was working as hard as they're able
to make the clock tick as it sat on the table,
I would just be an extra unneeded part -
an extra gear sitting, and sat since the clock's start.
The clock and the world would still work without
me sitting there and mucking about.
I, as the part that is simply not needed,
am destined to have all of my words unheeded.
A good working clock needs no extra gears,
so I come to realize the worst of my fears.
I am the extra part in the clock.
I am not needed to make it go tock.
The extra piece, unneeded
I've been feeling like this the last month or so.
I'm still alive, if barely.

I had a breakdown last night, so I got no sleep. I'm so tired.
If you are curious, one of my best friends decided he wasn't going to speak to me anymore, and even though I have a job, it's still not enough for my parents. They act like I am the crux of their financial income.

Anyway, I'm still working on stuff. I finished an original plushie yesterday and I wrote about two chapters of Kraken since my last post. I guess I should update that lol.
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LimeGreenBean is my Roomie and likes some love for her art so comment on her stuff!

Also, here are some things I like beyond all logical reason:
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